Taverna Santa Maria De Domno - Salerno     


The cellar is located in the ancient cistern of the Church (click here to read its story). Constant humidity and temperature of this place ensure the tightness of the bottles. With more than 600 labels, our cellar guarantees a wide range of fragrances, combined with the taste of our courses' raw materials in a traditional manner or in an innovative way:  Aniello will be very pleased to suggest you the best choice.
We offer Italian wines from the following regions

- Campania
- Valle d'Aosta
- Piedmont
- Lombardia
- Veneto
- Trentino
- Alto Adige
- Friuli,
- Liguria
- Emilia
- Tuscany
- Umbria
- Marche
- Lazio
- Abruzzo
- Molise
- Apulia
- Basilicata
- Calabria
- Sicily
- Sardegna

Also, we offer wines from France


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