Taverna Santa Maria De Domno - Salerno     


Taverna "Santa Maria De Domno" is set in the ancient heart of Salerno, in vicolo Masuccio Salernitano 63, occupying a part of the sacred space of the ancient Longobard Church of Santa Maria de Domno (built in the X century AD), genius loci and a former convent. Today, that church is a popular restaurant and tea room, and a "stage" for art exhibitions and musical concerts. The socio-anthropological and cultural knowledge intersect with the brand of food and wine culture, so that the beauty of a religious location integrates with the aesthetics of cooking. The result is a charming atmosphere enticing you from the first moment you set your foot in the Taverna. The owners, Anna Santoro and Aniello Piemonte, careful and skilled connoisseurs of local food, wines and memories, promote a culinary renaissance made of physical sensations, reinforced by an intellectual pleasure; taste of food and flavor of the Middle Ages ... Then a square relish, that lets us re-discover the origin of meals and dishes, together with the liturgy of their preparation ... in short, a good cuisine especially marked by sea food, vegetables, meat, and selected wines.

Cuisine is not only the art of good taste: firstly, it is hospitality and meeting; cuisine always needs a table, it always implies an encounter.

Cuisine requires knowledge, beauty, education to taste: it is like architecture, it combines the present savoir vivre with the sight looking at tomorrow.


Our chef has many years of experience in prestigious restaurants on the Amalfi Coast.


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